Instore Solutions

Research indicates that 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store. This surprising figure raises questions about the best way to influence consumer purchasing decisions on-the-scene. Creating an attractive presentation by placing your products in the spotlights helps you to create significant results. Effectiveness, efficiency and ROI are in addition important features of our Instore Solutions.

More and more brands are looking for improvements in methods to present and highlight products on-the-spot. The creation of these presentations is our core business. Shoppers value characteristics like shopping in a convenient and efficient manner. By guiding and enticing the shopper in a subtle way, he or she will be tempted to make a quicker purchase.

We work closely with our clients to develop the best custom made solutions possible. Efficient ways of production let us give you both standardized solutions with short lead times and customized solutions with a personal flavor. More than 25 years of experience enables us to successfully develop and execute any desired product presentation. We assure a perfect customer service, reliability and top quality. The entire process from design and innovation, up to instore installation, will be organized by us.

Some examples of Instore Solutions

Convenience Store

Side Rack RB


Display Special Food

Plastic shelf tray

Wooden shelf tray

Shelf tray Nivea

Palletpresentation Diekirch beer

Spirit furniture